Everyone experiences the excitement of closing on a new home or an investment property, however, moving can be a very daunting, costly and stressful experience. Our goal for our clients is to remove as much of the stress and uncertainty as is humanly possible. We can take everything out of the client's hands or offer a support structure that will help them through the process. We only use our tried and true fully insured and licensed vendors to ensure a smooth transition for the homeowner.

Coordinating pre-move logistics:

  • Obtaining certificates of insurance for all vendors.
  • Scheduling movers and any other applicable vendors on preferred dates.
  • Transfer utilities such as Con Ed, cable, Internet and phone.
  • Schedule any other applicable vendors.
  • Obtain floor plans for new apartment to coordinate items for the day of the move.

Day of move services:

  • PHM is on site the day of the move at both locations from before the first vendor arrives to after the last vendor leaves.
  • PHM handles all billing and payments including tips so clients only receive one bill at the end of their move.
  • PHM places furniture in place specified beforehand by client.
  • PHM meets with cable, internet, telephone technicians to ensure all services are installed to the specifications of the client.

Post-move services:

  • Follow up on any additional needs of the client.
  • Confirm all utilities and items are working as requested.

Additional Services:

  • Unpacking
  • Schedule and oversee cleaning at new and old apartments
  • Schedule for painters if needed
  • Audio Visual requirements such as mounting of TV’s, and reconnecting A/V equipment
  • Electrician to remove/install light fixtures, dimmers, etc.
  • Handymen for fixtures, curtain rods hanging art.
  • Waiting for new furniture to arrive at new home.
  • Assemble new furniture.
  • Notification of address change
  • Area information and welcome package.
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